Technology and Knowledge: Unveiling the Potential of DataLiner at Datamar Seminars

Dec, 28, 2023
Technology and Knowledge: Unveiling the Potential of DataLiner at Datamar Seminars

Between November 29 and 30, Datamar hosted four seminars to empower clients and guests to unlock the full potential of DataLiner – Datamar’s Latin America-focused maritime trade intelligence tool – empowering them to conduct more precise analyses. The four events were tailored to the profile of each client: Shipowners and container terminals, bulk cargo, OTIs, and importers and exporters.

During the sessions, Datamar’s CEO, Andrew Lorimer, discussed the importance of data and how interaction with partners can enhance day-to-day operations. Lorimer also presented the tools provided by Datamar for data analysis using DataLiner: Search Records, DRM Reports, and Dashboards, detailing the frequency of data updates, the precautions clients should take during updates, and the ideal uses of data for each situation.

Technology and Knowledge: Unveiling the Potential of DataLiner at Datamar Seminars

Leandro Malcervelli, Datamar’s Commercial Manager, covered the new fields available to DataLiner clients and the possible customizations based on each company’s product grid.

Cristiano Kaehler, Datamar’s Business Intelligence Manager, explained some specific features of DataLiner, product premises, ongoing improvements, the different tools that can be integrated with DataLiner, and the lineup developed for tramp cargoes, among other topics.

Antônio Macedo, Support Manager, assisted attendees in avoiding “pitfalls” when conducting analyses and discussed challenges in comparing different databases.

Marcos Paulo Silva, the company’s CIO, detailed how Datamar’s API works and how to connect DataLiner with partners.

Andrew Lorimer concluded the events by presenting Datamar’s latest developments, such as Apps, new product details, newsletters sent to clients, and data from the West Coast of South America, which will be available soon. There are also projects to provide data on cabotage, RORO ships, empty containers, and bulk cargo for the Plate and the West Coast of South America.

The Datamar Seminars also featured interactive sessions to address questions, in which each client or prospect had access to the entire Datamar team, divided into departments, at their disposal, as well as time for lunch or a networking cocktail.

Technology and Knowledge: Unveiling the Potential of DataLiner at Datamar Seminars

How DataLiner Works

DataLiner is an advanced intelligence tool for maritime trade in South America. The system provides access to over 200 data fields extracted from exclusive sources. With this platform, it is possible to thoroughly examine all maritime import and export operations in the South American region, whether for specific product data or to understand the complete logistics involved. Available data includes the port of origin or destination for each cargo, the type of container involved in the operation, the terminal of origin or destination of the cargo, the shipowner, OTI information, and the importer and exporter, among others. For some goods, it is even possible to identify the product being exported, such as the cut of meat and the exact type of sugar, among other details.

DataLiner is available in Lite and Pro versions. DataLiner Lite is a fully online tool that provides access to the database and allows for searches according to specific needs.

The DataLiner Report Module version, on the other hand, is an application installed on the user’s machine that allows for the manipulation of extensive data, unlimited searches, and the download of available data, among other features.

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