Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Datamar?
    We are a provider of data and information for the maritime trade sector on the East Coast of South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay, as well as Chile, on the West Coast.
  • Who hires Datamar’s services?
    Our products are contracted by shipowners, maritime terminals, exporters and importers, cargo agents, shipping agencies, logistics companies, ports, universities, research centers, chambers of commerce and government agencies, banks, and consultancies.
  • Does Datamar offer consulting?
    We provide consulting services on the maritime market, both for one-off projects and to help our customers get the most out of their data usage.
  • Which modes does Datamar serve?
    The DataLiner base only covers long-distance maritime transport and international cargo transshipment.
  • What data and information is provided by Datamar?
    We provide detailed data on ships, ports, shipowners, exporters and importers, as well as the volumes shipped. Our base consists of more than 130 information fields, which allow for in-depth analysis of all seaborne imports and exports in South America.
  • What is the origin of Datamar’s data?
    In addition to obtaining data and information from public sources available on the internet, we have long-standing partnerships with shipowners and cargo agents throughout the East Coast of South America, as well as container terminals and port authorities that work in partnership with us seeking to improve plus the analysis tools provided to the market.
  • Is the data provided by Datamar legal?
    We collect a wide range of data and information from the most varied sources to provide the commercial solutions that the market needs. In this search, we take all the necessary care to ensure that the information can be legally collected and used to generate the products that are offered to our customers. Faced with the growing need for 'compliance' market practices, we continue to stand out in this area, bringing confidence to our customers, through ethical practices and with both national and international legal guarantees to continue with the commercialization of information.
  • What is LGPD?
    LGPD is the acronym for the General Data Protection Law. This law came into force in Brazil in 2020 and concerns the use, collection and sharing of personal data by companies.
  • Does the data provided by Datamar respect the LGPD (General Data Protection Law)?
    Compliance with legislation is one of our premises and we are always concerned with the protection of the data we sell. Our processes are in line with GDPR guidelines.
  • Does Datamar have approval to commercialize the data?
    Yes. We are an approved company for the commercialization of data both in Brazil and abroad.
  • What is the difference between Datamar’s solutions?
    The main difference between our solutions is the way the products are delivered, in addition to the traceability and accuracy of the data, which is based on the BL Master.
  • How often is the data updated?
    All final validations of the previous month are made at the end of the current month after we are sure we have received all the information. Dashboards, Search Records, and the API are updated weekly with partial information that can include both last month's data received in arrears and current month data that was processed. The DataLiner Report Module is updated in its entirety at the end of each month with all final validated data from the previous month.
  • How will I be informed about the update?
    After each update is completed, Datamar sends its customers an email informing them that partial or total data are available.
  • Can I perform data downloads?
    Through the DataLiner Report Module tool it is possible to export data without limitations and through the DataLiner Lite tool it is possible to export with some limitations, and Dashboards are not exportable to other formats. Data can also be directly made available in your database through our API integration.
  • Does Datamar offer online/virtual technical support?
    What matters most in this age of Big Data is not just having access to data but knowing what to do with it. We have a qualified team that is ready to help with all your needs so that your customers receive business intelligence and not just data. Our support works from Monday to Friday during business hours through different communication channels: email, telephone, chat, and Skype.
  • Does Datamar offer training to use the tool?
    We have completely free online training for our customers, where all the features and characteristics of our solutions are covered so that the products can be used in a complete way.
  • Can I have a trial period of the tool before hiring?
    Yes, we provide demo versions of the tools for a trial period.
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  • What is the minimum period for subscription / contract?
    Our minimum subscription period is 6 months.
  • Can I purchase just 1 month of data?
    Yes, it is possible to purchase only 1 month of data, under different payment and access conditions.
  • Can I share my contract data with third parties?
    No. The non-sharing of data is agreed in a contractual confidentiality clause.
  • Why should I choose Datamar?
    You should choose Datamar because we are a company that works firmly based on ethical values ​​and compliance practices. In addition, we have legal approval to trade data, guaranteeing the origin of the information. We value the quality and accuracy of the data provided.
  • Can I customize the solution according to my company’s needs?
    Yes, it is possible to customize our solutions so that they best meet the needs of our customers.
  • What are the ways to access the data?
    Datamar provides access to data through different platforms: - DataLiner Pro is a desktop application developed using Analysis Services SSAS technology, where the database is stored on one of our servers in the cloud, responding to requests from applicants that arrive via the software installed on the client's equipment. With it, it is possible to create the most varied reports and export the data to other formats, such as an Excel spreadsheet. - DataLiner Lite allows customization of fields for querying the database through an online platform. - Apps is an online platform where you can access ready-made dashboards to facilitate analysis quickly, easily and visually intuitive. - API is an interface that allows two applications to communicate. It provides full integration so that Datamar's data is entered directly into the customer's BI.
  • From what year does the DataLiner base have data?
    The DataLiner database has maritime movement data since 2006 for Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay and since 2020 for Chile.
  • How do I acquire and/or learn about Datamar’s solutions?
    To purchase or learn about our solutions, you can contact us via email or via phone +55 11 3588-3033 or by filling out the form. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible to help you choose the best solution for your business.

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