South America’s most trusted trade data source

DataLiner allows you to analyze any aspect of seaborne foreign trade, whether your focus is on Trade of a particular commodity or Analysis of the logistics chain
Our database has over 200 fields of regularly updated data at your fingertips so you can:
  • Grow your client base
  • Find new market opportunities
  • Accompany your market share
  • Track competitor activities
  • Streamline your logistics chain

Choose the right data package to fit your analysis needs

  • DataLiner LITE
    DataLiner Lite is an online lookup tool that allows you to filter our database and pull up the exact set of records you need to track specific cargo types, competitor trade, port movements and much more within seconds
    Some of its features:
    Online: access the information wherever you are
    Historical data included
    Updated weekly
    Unlimited data searches
    Data download functionality
  • DataLiner PRO
    The Pro package includes DataLiner Lite PLUS ‘DataLiner Report Module’ - a desktop application which allows for speedy manipulation of our vast database.
    Some of the features it offers are:
    Desktop app with pivot table funtionality:
    Simply drag and drop into the columns and rows desired to create your report
    Powerful analytical tool that allows you full capacity to filter, drill down and analyze the data however you want
    Unlimited data searches
    Save all report filters within app
    Sizable data downloads available
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Countries covered

When analyzing markets from different countries, it is so important to be able to compare ‘apples with apples’ to reach meaningful conclusions. This is what our business intelligence system allows so that you can confidently study, compare and contrast data from the following countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina.

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