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    South America’s most trusted source for trade data

    Datamar provides intelligent data solutions for companies with an interest in South American trade. Our databases hold over 200 fields of information gathered from exclusive data sources.

    This information is received through trusted long-term partnerships with maritime transport companies that have endured for over 25 years.

    Our trade data system

    The DataLinersystem allows you to analyze any aspect of seaborne foreign trade, whether your focus is on Trade of a particular commodity or Analysis of the logistics chain

    Over 200 fields
    of regularly updated data at your fingertips so you can:
    • Grow your client base
    • Find new market opportunities
    • Accompany your market share
    • Track competitor activities
    • Streamline your logistics chain

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    What makes us unique

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      Maritime specialists
      Our data is not scraped by robots or derived through assumptions. It is real data, gathered by real people who understand the market
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      Zeal for detail
      We are committed to hunting down the data on every TEU and every shipment to provide you with the complete picture you need to make robust conclusions
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      We understand the importance of not only just having the data but having it at the right time. That’s why you can trust us to provide consistently updated data
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      Having been in the business for over 25 years, you can trust us to provide a consistent service

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    We provide you with real information rather than data merely derived from algorithms and assumptions. Watch our institutional video to learn more about what makes our services unique


    Turning trade data into insights for over 28 years

    2.8 M
    Bills of Lading
    9.7 M
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    Datamar employees
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    Industries we serve

    Solutions for Exporters
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Shipping Lines
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Ports and Terminals
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Freight Forwarders
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Shipping Agencies
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Intermodal Transport Operators
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Maritime Consultancy Services
    Justify the opening of new branches based on solid data
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    Commercial and Marketing Director
    Brasil Port Terminal (BTP)
    The market analyzes are very consistent, prepared by a team of highly specialized consultants. The data is reliable and always up to date, which guarantees us more assertiveness in making more strategic business decisions.
    Commercial Executive
    Sepetiba Tecon
    Datamar is an indispensable tool in planning Sepetiba Tecon activities.
    Director of Exports
    Datamar provides quality information about the market, allowing us to shorten the decision process and be more assertive in the steps to be taken within the company. It helps us save time and resources in collecting and harmonizing data.
    General Manager
    Datamar helped us to direct our client prospecting and, consequently, to be more agile in following or changing our sales strategies. In addition, as our focus is on exports, with Datamar`s data we were able to better understand the markets operated by exporters, which shipowners had contracts or agreements and direct our efforts more assertively in the negotiations. Flexibility is something we really like, as we can analyze the data and assemble reports in a format that suits us.
    Market Intelligence
    Seara International Markets
    Datamar`s data help us to analyze the evolution of exports and understand the main market movements. From this data, we can design short and medium-term strategies.
    Market Intelligence
    The growth of the Market Intelligence area made us look for external data to compare with the data generated internally, thus helping to generate products for analyzing markets, scenarios and players. The data and the amount of information provided by Datamar help us understand the growth of the market, make it easier for us to understand the movement of players and bring us an essential historical view for decision making.
    Marketing and Sales Manager
    Evergreen Line
    Since the beginning, we have known and trusted the talent, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the entire Datamar team, which over the years has excelled in providing data, facilitating our understanding of the Brazilian maritime market.
    Yield Management & Reefer
    Ocean Network Express
    Aligned with market expectations, DATAMAR has reinvented itself to meet the expectations of SHIPOWNERS. The care and consequent accuracy of the information helps us to be secure in our day-to-day analysis and studies and, as such, grants us the holistic and necessary vision we need for decision making. In addition, we recognize the excellent service, the special attention to our projects and the constant search for excellence.


    • Who is Datamar?
      We are a provider of data and information for the maritime trade sector on the East Coast of South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay, as well as Chile, on the West Coast.
    • Who hires Datamar’s services?
      Our products are contracted by shipowners, maritime terminals, exporters and importers, cargo agents, shipping agencies, logistics companies, ports, universities, research centers, chambers of commerce and government agencies, banks, and consultancies.
    • Does Datamar offer consulting?
      We provide consulting services on the maritime market, both for one-off projects and to help our customers get the most out of their data usage.
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