Datamar’s first webinar introduces DataLiner updates to the market

Jul, 06, 2023
Primeiro webinar da Datamar apresenta novidades do DataLiner

On June 06, Datamar held its first-ever webinar on the topic “Weekly updates and new DataLiner data fields.” The event had the goal of showing customers and market players the service’s latest features, which now count with weekly updates.

Among the webinar’s speakers were the CEO of Datamar, Andrew Lorimer, the company’s commercial manager, Leandro Malcervelli, and the support and after-sales manager, Antônio Macedo, with the mediation of Datamar’s marketing coordinator, Jaciara Seide.

“All data must be validated by professionals in the field. Datamar invests heavily in the quality of the data it provides, so you may always trust the information available,” explained Andrew Lorimer at the event’s initial talk. “We are well aware of the need to bring new content for all clients. The new data fields that are now available have been prepared for years to ensure their quality,” said him.

Following Andrew’s initial address, Leandro Malcervelli showcased the data fields available in the DataLiner Report Model, the system’s installed software that allows users to create their own personalized reports, as well as in its online versions, APPs, and API, among others.

Data fields

Some of the fields now available for users are:

Feeder Vessel: in addition to long-haul vessels, DataLiner now includes information on feeder vessels, such as name, operator, capacity, data of call, terminal of origin, and many others.

Container types: previously, the information available went as far as whether the containers measured 20 or 40 feet. Now, users can consult if containers fall into the flat rack, high cube dry, high cube reefer, mafi, NOR, OOG, Open Top, or Tank categories.

5-level detailing for specific products (beef, poultry, sugar, fertilizers, and tobacco): in the case of beef, for example, users will find highly detailed info on meat cut exports, country destinations, and companies involved in the transaction. It is worth mentioning that Datamar developed these categories in partnership with active players in the market.

Company classification: by economic group or each company separately within each group.

Freight type: information on whether the freight is pre-paid or collect.

Charterer: specification of charters, an essential piece of information for those in the breakbulk segment.

Such recent features and enhancements have made DataLiner’s analysis capabilities even more comprehensive and detailed. Users now have access to new fields that provide deeper insights, enabling them to make more informed decisions and enhance their market intelligence strategies.

Different fields will be included depending on each subscription tier (gold, silver, and platinum) at no extra cost. However, customers also have the option to upgrade their subscription or opt for exclusive access to specific fields if they so desire.

DataLiner data updates will be conducted weekly, thus providing customers with greater analysis power. In the previous update system, only past transactions were included. With the recent changes, weekly updates also include data scheduled to occur in the future.

To ensure optimal system use, it is advisable for users to keep only the necessary fields in their reports. Keeping the reports focused and relevant will streamline the analysis process. It’s also crucial to note that each update overwrites the previous data. Also, it is important to keep in mind that Datamar provides free online training for DataLiner users and that its support team is always available to help.

The DataLiner, Datamar’s primary business intelligence tool, enables in-depth analysis of import and export maritime operations on the East Coast of South America. With over 200 data fields available, users can expand their customer portfolio, discover new market opportunities, monitor industry collaborations, and track their competitors’ activities. By analyzing the available data, users can optimize their supply chain strategies.

DataLiner is available both online and in mobile versions, offering flexibility and continuous access to data.

Stay tuned for our upcoming online events.

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