Datamar provides intelligent data solutions for maritime trade along the East Coast of South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.  We provide the data in an easy-to-use platform, with excellence in data quality, timeliness, integrity and compliance, while closely supporting our customers so that they can make the information work for them in tangible ways.

Annual ECSA Container Terminals Report

The essential guide to everything you need to know about container terminals on the East Coast of South America.  The report gives an extremely detailed insight into all container terminals in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay including container traffic, infrastructure and a 5-year forecast for each.

DatamarNews helps professionals in the maritime and foreign trade sectors stay up-to-date with relevant news. It combines the experience of its English-speaking staff with access to its proprietary databases to bring current local news articles to life, summarising the important parts of the news and injecting it with data, graphs and maps.

DatamarWeek is a newsletter summarizing the most important stories of the week.  Read it directly on the DatamarNews website or sign up to receive it weekly by e-mail.


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