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Our data allows for insight into all imports and exports via maritime on the east coast of South America. Find detailed information about the vessel, port, shipping line, shippers and consignees as well as the volumes being shipped, with information brought to you directly from cargo manifests received by Datamar through trusted long-term partnerships with ocean carriers.

Solutions for each foreign trade sector

Shipping Lines

All a shipowner needs to know about the maritime and port sector. Track fleets, voyages, services, customers, origins and destinations, cargoes, what is Reefer or NOR, ports and terminals and more.


Track volumes per service, ship owner and terminal. Transhipment volumes per terminal, shipowner, origins and destinations: within Brazil and in Plate. Volumes of cabotage and empties. Goods and their average values. Scales of ships, operators and agents.

Exporters & Importers

We work with each cargo owner to understand their information need to show merchandise detail beyond TEC / NCM, in a standardized and harmonized way. With this you track new destinations and customers, product types of your interest, volumes in kilos and TEUs, average values of goods, as well as logistics information to determine best terminals and routes.

Freight Forwarders

Monitor the relative importance of your shipments to the shipowners and the port pairs in which you operate. Evaluate where goods are being shipped to and by whom. Track your market share and that of your competition.

Shipping Agencies

Track which charterers are active in which segments, who the shipping agencies are, the goods, the origins and the destinations. Daily information showing what is happening, almost in real time. Track the volume of certain commodities en route to major global consumer centers such as China and Europe.

Investment banks and consultancies

We have detailed and reliable information, built up over time, using consistent and approved methodologies. This information is used by those who need to study the market, making consultancy work faster and easier.